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Up All Night

Everything is in disarray, and the usual distractions have lost their touch.

Paul says that tension is building up at his new job, and a lot of people may quit, or be fired.

I've got to come up with three letters of recommendation for my professional development class. I've gotten two people to promise to write me one, but who is going to be the third?

That job I had a long time ago fucked me on my taxes. They claim that in 168 hours of work, I made $2176.53. That's $12.96 an hour. For a shitty waitress job. Oh, and the best part of all is only $89.05 was taking out of all this money for federal.

I'm doing this freelance job, for a law firm. It's my first. I feel a lot of stress to make everything go perfectly.

L & D hasn't called back yet. I didn't expect them too, yet, considering that it took almost 3 months for them to even begin the interviewing process. Still, I wish they would just screw up and hire me.

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